Ultimate Rainbow Breakfast Sandwich

During a busy morning, it is easy to let breakfast fall on low of your priority list but taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference of your day.

Breakfast provides many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are a good source of important nutrients, protein, and fiber.

Nutritionist advised:

  • Breakfast should be eaten within two hours of waking
  • A healthy breakfast should provide the range of 20-35% of guideline daily allowance

Benefits of eating breakfast:

  • Kick-starts your metabolism help you burn calories throughout the day.
  • Better memory andΒ concentration
  • Lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • Lower chances of getting diabetes
  • Lower chances of getting heart disease

This weekend, I made my ultimate rainbow breakfast sandwich. Colorful, tasty and nutritious. For you bacon lovers out there, this breakfast sandwich contains bacon! If you don’t like bacon or don’t eat bacon, you can substitute with alternatives like turkey bacon or soy bacon.

breakfast sandwich

If you are a traditional breakfast burrito or sandwich kind of person, this recipe is the perfect way for you to sneak in more nutrient into your diet!

If you are not familiar with avocado, adding avocado into your morning diet is a great way to start your day! [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Avocado is a unique and nutritious fruit that consists primarily of carbohydrates and high in healthy fats.[/inlinetweet] Numerous studies have shown that avocado contains powerful beneficial effects on health. Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber can lower cholesterol and triglyceride level, loaded with powerful antioxidant, prevent cancer, help relieves arthritis, weight loss support and much more!

Micro greens may not sound very tasty and it may not be on your favorite vegetable list. However, micro greens are packed with vital nutrients including vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and beta-carotene. Adding some micro greens in your sandwich will add some texture and nutrients![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Ultimate Rainbow Breakfast Sandwich – – Wholegrain bread, Organic avocado, tomato, Organic eggs, Parmesan cheese, Organic micro greens, On the stove or oven, toast the bread with cheese until cheese melts.; Slice the tomato and place it on top of the baked bread. ; Slice the avocado and place it on top of tomato.; Cook the egg based on your own preference: fried, scramble or poached. Place it on top of the tomato. ; Cook the bacon and place the cooked bacon on top of the egg. ; Place the micro greens on top of the bacon. ; And then finally, place your other piece of bread on top!; – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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