3 steps to eat healthy with a busy schedule

Do you have a busy schedule but want to eat healthy?

source: tumblr.com

Time, is a common struggle that people have when it comes to balancing life and eating healthy. We simple have no time. Personally, I have a 9 -5 job and then I workout for an hour. By the time I come home, it is 7 o’clock. The question of the day is always, what am I going to eat? What do I want to eat? What do I have in the house? By the time I figure out the answer to these, it is too late, I just get lazy or I just simply gave up. Often, I found myself snacking what is around the house within reach like some fruit, yogurt with granola, a can of soup or frozen meals and call it a day. Some people will even order take out or dine out. Sounds familiar?

No matter what age group we are in or what gender we are, with busy working schedule, we all struggle with balance busy life with eating healthy. You are not the only one. We often cheat ourselves and give ourselves excuses like “after today, I’m going to eat healthy again”, “this is my last cheat meal”, “I need to go on a diet”…

When we start to get off track after a detox or a healthy habit, how do you feel? Crappy. When we start to feed our body with “junk”, we notice a energy and mood difference. We are often get tired easily and mood swings, which also affects the people around us. So what should we do? It is time for us to take actions.

First, lets figure out what is keeping us away from eating health besides time…

  • maybe eating healthy isn’t the lifestyle for your partner
  • your kids wants junk food
  • your friends doesn’t live the same lifestyle as you
  • you are always dinning out with friends
  • you don’t know how to cook

The list could go on…. No matter what the reason is, start your health lifestyle and the rest will follow. Not only will your lifestyle starts to improve, the people around you will feel inspired and be supportive of your lifestyle.

Second, manage our time…

Source: tumblr.com
  • Plan your meals ahead. Find some time on Sunday and plan what you would like to eat for the week. Pick up necessary groceries from the store. Many of us often buy groceries without plans on how we are going to use it and when we start cooking, we realize we are missing ingredients. If you have all the ingredients, you will most likely cook it. If you are unsure what to cook, look up recipes online. Tip: put sticky note on your fridge to remind yourself what you can cook this week.
  • Plan your meal with your household. knowing what your household would like to eat, makes you more motivated to cook!
  • Cook in batches. Cook a large amount of food that can sustain for rest of the week or freeze it. Sometimes eating the same thing everyday gets boring and old very fast. You can modify the leftovers and make it more exciting. If you seal your leftover correctly ( to air for oxidation), you can eat your leftovers from Sunday for the rest of the week days. Seafood is not recommend to save for too long. If you do not have proper storage, don’t eat leftovers thats older than three days.
  • Manage your leftovers wisely. If you would like to cook daily, cook dinner. You can use the left overs from dinner and eat it for breakfast and/or lunch the next day. You can modify it however you like.
Source: tumblr.com

Three, do it! Sounds easy right? Actually doing it, is what is keeping up you from eating healthy.

  • The common mistakes we all makes is thinking we are eating something healthy when we are not. Frozen meals aren’t as healthy as food marketer says they are. They are packed with sodium and chemical preservatives.
  • Salad from restaurants is loaded with fat due to dressing and could contain more calories than a meal!
  • when we are hungry, we often reach what is around us. Snack is your best friend and keeping the right snack around the house is important.
  • Snack smartly. Snacking on the correct food is important. Especially our afternoon snack! We are taught to snack on food like banana, apple or bars…  Wrong, simple carbs will give you fast energy burst and then you will crash again. Especially in the afternoon, we should be snacking on food that is packed with healthy fat like raw nuts or avocado. It is satisfying while giving you energy that you need.

Share your eating healthy tip with a busy life schedule! We would love to hear from you!


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