Fun facts of the week: celery

Fun facts of the week: celery

  • celery was used a medicinal plant to treat toothache, insomnia, gout, rheumatism, anxiety and arthritis.
  • celery was first mentioned in English in 1664 by John Evely, who spelt it sellery.
  • there is a town called Celeryville in Ohio. Founded in the early 19th century by celery farmers.
  • There is a celery museum in Portage, Michigan called the Flats Interpretive center
  • The ancient Greek physician prescribed celery as nerve soother.
  • Celery was once considered a medicinal herb rather than a vegetable
  • related to carrots, parsnips and parsley.
  • Celery is a popular diet food because of its low calories.
  • celery leaves contains important essential volatile oils.
  • celery seeds are used as spice.
  • the darker the color of the stalk, the strong their flavor will be.

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