Balance life formula


In todays society, many of us struggles with balancing our lives. Regardless of what gender and age group we are in, we all face challenging choices. However, it is up to us to make the right choice for ourselves and take control so life can be more enjoyable. Balance life= less stress= happy life. When we are happy, we influence the people around us and we are better at what we do.


As a girl in my mid 20s, I struggle with career, friendship, relationship, lifestyle… life in general. Unlike people who may focus on resolving one struggle or avoid it all together, I took initiatives to balance my struggle to make life more enjoyable. I make the right choices for myself and take control of my own happiness.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 9.35.34 PM
Me at beer and yoga

My lifestyle has been my hot topic with people around me. Like many of you, I have tried many different types of diet and excerice activities. As my metabolism is slowing down ( I guess it comes with aging) and with a desk job, I started to struggle with staying fit. As many of you may know, when we feel unfit, we are unhappy, which means it can affect people around us. So how did I manage this struggle? I balanced my lifestyle. Today, I attended my first beer and yoga class! The concept of this event is to promote balance lifestyle by doing something you love to stay healthy and fit while also enjoy your guilty pleasure. Yep, you read it right. What I took away from this event is healthy people have guilty pleasures too. Drinking beer with other yogini after yoga class made me laugh because we are all humans after all . It must be weird for people in to see bunch of yogini surrounded by the bar drinking beers and eating bar food but that is right, we are only human. We don’t just eat lettuce and beans, and drink coffee with soy milk

Be be afraid of to change and take action to how you can live a balance life.

Here are my tips as to how you can balance your life:

  • Schedule your time wisely. It is part of our life that we have to go to work/classes, see our friends and family, and activities to help us recharge. Make your weekly schedule and plan it wisely as to how you will spend your time. However, don’t panic if a surprise plan came along and throw your schedule off. It is important to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones. But remember, sometimes it is okay to say you have plans, next time (aka recharge time).

  • You are what you eat. When we are busy and on the go, we don’t watch what we fuel our body. After its done, we will start feel bad and regret, why did I just eat that?! Don’t panic, one unhealthy meal will not kill you but be sure to get back on track and stick with your plan. While are so many different diets out there, stick with one that makes you and your body happy. However, don’t go extreme. You see and read about people try all different kind of diets. The ones who only ate banana, or only ate hotdog and beer. No, no and no. Eat a balanced diet.

  • Don’t be cheap . We are what we eat, don’t be cheap to your body. Fuel your body with real ingredients instead food filled with artificial ingredients and name you can not pronounce. If you can’t pronounce it, your body won’t recognize it.
  • Substitution is your friend. When it comes to staying health and fit, substitution is your friend. Substitution often can help you save calories while nourish your body!

  • Keep moving. Being able to exercise is an luxury so take advantage of it while you can. As you may not realize, some people do not have the extra time in their day to dedicate going to the gym or going to to exercise programs (sorry people with kids, at least we are thinking of you). If you do not have the time to go to the gym or go to any exercise program, don’t worry, you still have choices. Go for a walk or run during your lunch hours, squads during your bathroom breaks, lift those wine bottles while cooking, stretch before going to bed, every strengthening movement counts. For people who does have the luxury time, take advantage of it and go do something that you love !

  • Recharge. Work/class/ life can be stressful. Take a break and then get back in. Allow yourself to recharge by something you enjoy. Whether it is few minutes or few days.

  • Don’t be obsessed. We can all be obsessed with something we love and passionate about. However, over doing it may not be all that good for you and it can throw you off balance.

  • Treat but don’t cheat yourself. Life is all about balance. You can have a slice of chocolate cake or that pint of beer. We all see people doing cheat day or cheat meals… set limit to yourself. Not everyday is your cheat day, not every meal is your cheat meal. As a blogger who promotes organic and healthy lifestyle, I do treat myself. I admit, I have guilty pleasures too.

  • Fit is the new skinny. Exercising should be fun as it helps you to stay healthy and fit. Your mission should not to lose weight but to be strong.





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