Organic Match greek yogurt

IMG_1602I love matcha! I can eat and drink matcha all day. Matcha latte, ice cream, ice tea, crepe, smoothie…. you name it, I probably have had it at some point in my life.

Today I made a matcha greek yogurt with hemp seed! Great way to get my caffeine and protein! All in one bite! Sounds amazing right?!


Organic matcha powder

Greek yogurt

Organic hemp seed


If you have your sweet tooth on, drizzle some honey or chocolate syrup!

Why using matcha?

Matcha is loaded with health benefits. It is packed with antioxidant, energy booster, boost metabolism and burn more calories, detoxifies naturally and effectively, calms the mind and relaxes the body, rich in river, provides vitamins and minerals, prevent disease, and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar level.

How does matcha help you detox?

Matcha is loaded with chlorophyll (green color), which will help you safely cleanse and purge the body harmful element. Chlorophyll helps to eliminate both chemical and heavy metals from our body. Because matcha is carefully shade- grown, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than any other green teas!

Matcha is often served in smoothies, ice teas, ice cream, baked goods. Share with us how you serve your matcha!


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