Fun facts of the week: Cauliflower

Fun facts of the week: cauliflower


  • cauliflower can grow from 8-30 inches both in height and width
  • cauliflower is available in all different colors: purple, green, white, and yellow, orange andΒ brown.
  • cauliflower belongs to the group of cruciferous vegetables. They are named that way because they have flowers that consist of four petals
  • excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, K and vitamins of B group and minerals such as manganese, potassium and magnesium.
  • often used to substitute for rice
  • China is the greatest manufacturer of cauliflower in the world
  • Cauliflower came from Syria by Spanish Arab in the 12th century.

    source: jackuhleen.tumblr.com299

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