bamboo shoot soup

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.16.31 PMIt is snowing here in New York again and it is freezing! Winter is back! What could be better than a warm cup of soup to stay warm to stay cozy on this cold winter day.

Looking for new type of soup to cook? Try this vegetarian, healthy soup!


Organic vegetable broth

bamboo shoot

bean curd puffs

Tofu skin knots



  1. Slice and cube bamboo shoot
  2. Heat up the vegetable broth and put in the bamboo shoot
  3. for about 20-30 minutes, put in the bean curd puffs and tofu skin knots.
  4. add salt based on personal preference
  5. Boil about another 10-15 minutes until ready to serve!


For meat lovers, you can throw in some smoked ham into the broth to boil with bamboo shoot. If you do add ham, there is no need for additional salt.

For carb lovers, you can serve it with rice.



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