Fun facts of the week: couscous

Fun facts of the week: couscous


  • couscous is a berber transitional North African dish of semolina
  • couscous is made from semolina
  • There are are three main types of couscous: Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese
  • Moroccan couscous is tiny grains  and cook very quickly
  • Israeli couscous is about size of peppercorns and will take much longer to look
  • Lebanese couscous is larger than Israeli couscous and is about the size of small peas
  • Couscous symbolize luck, blessing and abundance according to North African tradition.
  • world’s first manufacturing plant of the production of couscous was established in Algeria in 1907.
  • One cup of couscous is about 200 calories, 12% of protein, 87% of starch and 1 % fats

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