Fun facts of the week: avocado

Fun facts of the week: avocado

  • Avocado is fiber rich! Both insoluble and soluble fiber!

  • avocados are size of a baby in its mother’s womb at 16 weeks. They are also a good snack to feed babies young and old.
  • Avocado is a fruit and its a climacteric meaning it mature on the tree but ripen off of the tree.
  • Avocado needs love, too. Avocado tree do not self-pollinate. They need another avocado tree close by to bear fruit.

  • Avocado is an Aztec symbol of love and fertility, and they grow in pairs on trees.
  • ~75% of the calories in it are from fat, making it one of the fattiest plant food in existence. But they dont just contain any fat… the majority of the fat in avocado is oleic acid.
  • There is one season for avocado in California. The season streches frmom around April through September. The trees usually bloom once a year, around Feburary.
  • There are hundreds of different types of avocados, ranging from oval shaped, light skinned back variety to pear shaped, thin skinned zuntano vareity.

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