Stuffed Dates

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 8.26.37 PMOne of my easy and fun snack is stuffed dates! Great snack and party appetizer that is easy to make and tasty. Sweet and nutty is how I would describe it.

Dates are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant, and essential minerals potassium and magnesium. Some of the health benefits of eating dates are bone strengthening, support intestinal disorder, laxativeΒ food, great for people who are suffering for anemia, reduction in allergy, cardio support etc..

To make this easy and tasty treat, all you need is dates and walnut.

If you use dates that have a pit, remove the pit and then stuff the walnut in. If you use pitted dates, you can slice the date the long way and half way and then stuff the dates with walnut.


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