vegan lotus soup

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.53.32 PMToday, I made lotus soup to stay warm on this cold winter day on the East coast!

If you dont know what lotus is, maybe you have heard of lotus flower ( an aquatic plant). The root of the lotus is edible and it’s delicious, not mentioning all the health benefits it provides.

Lotus root has many great health benefits includes stimulation of your blood, reduce blood pressure, heart health and great for weight management food.

Lotus is loaded with dietary fiber, and vitamin C and A!



1 Lotus root

Raw peanuts


soy sauce



Beef stock (optional)


  1. slice the lotus the short way.
  2. Boil water or beef stock. Depends on how much liquid you want your soup to be.
  3. Insert sliced lotus and peanuts. Boil about 30 minutes until desired.
  4. add a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper based on personal preference.

Bonus: I enjoy serving my soup with rice!


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