Purple yam pie

Purple yam in chocolate chip pie crust!

Nothing beats a pretty and tasty pie around the holiday time 😉

IMG_8054This year’s Christmas, I baked a purple yam pie! Yep, purple yam or known as dioscorea alata or ube. The outside of this yam doesn’t look anything special, just like any other yam. But the inside, its beautiful! Too pretty to eat!
If you never had purple yam but always want to try it, purple yam are sweet and it is often used as natural sweetener in Asian pastries such as cake, pastries and ice cream. Almost like a sweet potato.

Just like other form of starchy vegetables, purple yam contains high carb, fiber and
sugar. Purple yam contains high level of vitamin A and vitamin C. Each cup of purple yam contains 20%of your daily
need for potassium. If you work out regularly, replenishing IMG_8055electrolytes like potassium can help you to feel and perform
better next time. Because purple yam contain dark purple pigment, it could
increase and diversify your antioxidants
intake that are not found in regular yam.


5-6 organic purple yam

1 organic rip banana

cookie dough of your choice or pie crust ( I used pre mad chocolate chips cookie dough)

IMG_80299 inch round baking pan

1 cup of soy milk

1. in a pot, boil water and then boil the yam for about 30-45 minutes until soften
2. peel the yam
3. blend the peeled yam and one banana with a cup of soy milk in a blender. Add additional soy milk if needed. You wanta thick consistency

4. in a 9 inch pan, smooth out your cookie dough in the pan. If you use pre made cookie dough, flatten and patch the cookie
dough in the pan
IMG_80575. pour the pie filling into the pan
6. at 375 F degree, bake about 15-20 minutes based on what your cookie dough need to bake
And there, you have yourself a purple yam pie!!!
Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time:1 hour and 15 minutes

Note: no added sugar was added into pie filling. Purple yam and ripe banana contains natural sugar. The cookie dough will contain enough sugar that will balance out with this filling.


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