Radish pizza


Have radish in the house and don’t know what to do with it? Try this simple, yummy, radish pizza!

Radish is loaded with vitamin C, folate, fiber, riboflavin, potassium, copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese and calcium.

Radish is great for smoothing that sore throats, aid digestion, prevent viral infection, detoxification, protects against cancer and relieves indigestion and it keeps you hydrated!

Radish is low in calories and loaded with nutrients, great food skinny snacks!


1 pita bread

tomato sauce of your choice

1 organic radish

cheese of your choice


  1. Slice the radish
  2. spread the tomato sauce on the pita bread
  3. spread the cheese on top of the tomato sauce
  4. place the radish on top of the cheese
  5. bake it at 350F degree for 15 minutes.

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