This organic yam had me at purple

I picked up this organic yam from the Santa Monica’s farmers market and it had me at the word purple. Yep, its purple yam or known as dioscorea alataΒ or ube. I was so excited and happy to try this purple food! Cant believe I never had them before! The outside of this yam doesnt look anything special, just like any other yam. IMG_7341But the inside, it was beautiful! Too pretty to eat!

If you never had purple yam but always want to try it, purple yam are sweet and it is often used as natural sweetener in Asian pastries such as cake, pastries and ice cream. Almost like a sweet potato.

Just like other form of starchy vegetables, purple yam contains high carb, fiber and sugar. Purple yam contains high level of vitamin A and vitamin C. Each cup of purple yam contains 20% of your daily need for potassium. If you work out regularly, replenishing electrolytes like potassium can help you to feel and perform better next time. Because purple yam contain dark purple pigment, it could increase and diversify your antioxidants intake that are not found in regular yam.

I baked my purple yam. Wash the outside of the yam and wrap it in aluminum foil. Bake it at 375F for ~45 minutes.



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