walnut butter and jam banana sandwich




Are you a PB + J lover? Then you must try this easy recipe thats raw, vegan and gluten free. I dont know about you but I am IMG_7231bored with peanut butter. Too nutty and dense for me these days. Recently, I came across walnut butter from the Santa Monica’s farmers market and I love it! I made my walnut butter with Bleubert’s Blimey. Bleubert‘s Blimey is a combination of wild Maine blueberry and lime! Not your typical boring jam. The lime gives this jam a burst of amazing flavor and taste! So break up with the boring PB+J and get on with this W+J!


2 organic banana

Jam ( I used wild Maine blueberry and lime jam)

Walnut butter ( I used Avila and sons’s)


  1. slice the bananas (not to thin or else it may break)
  2. put walnut butter on one side of the banana and jam on the other


And there, you have healthy walnut butter and jam “sandwich”. Great finger food for parties, summer picnic, breakfast or anytime you crave some PB+J.

This recipe is gluten free, vegan and raw!



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