Pesto spaghetti with avocado and tomato

Its the holiday season!!! My favorite time of the year. I dont know about you but this is the time of the year when I struggle with eating healthy. With all the holiday party and goodies in the office, its very tempting to make the wrong choice. One way I’m gonna survive this years holiday season is to add more fiber to my diet. Fiber has no magical fat burning properties but it does keep you full without adding alot of extra calories to your diet.

IMG_7069Salad can sometimes get old and boring. Try delicious low carb, fiberlicious spaghetti! It will keep your full while you can still enjoy your favorite pasta sauce :p


1 organic spaghetti sqaush


1 organic tomato

1 bacon avocado

olive oil


  1. cut the squash in half the long way
  2. take out the guts out
  3. IMG_6526pour olive oil around on the inside
  4. bake it at 425 degree F for about 30 minutes (bake until you can use a fork and poke through to the skin)
  5. let it cool down
  6. use a fork and scrape it the long way
  7. Mix pesto into the scrapped squash and put it on a plate
  8. slice the avocado and tomato and place on top of the “spaghetti”

PS, if you like your avocado warm, put it in the oven for 5 minutes with the squash.



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