healthy purple pizza


Last time we try to make pizza, someone forgot the cheese… but we made ourself a pizza anyway. It turned out to be pretty tasty and we love it! Today we are giving this recipe a try again but with cheese this time 😉


1 organic watermelon radish

1 organic beetroot

handful of beet greens

1 organic white carrot

2 pita bread

IMG_6783Tomato Sauce

Cheese (optional. I used mozzarella)

Yield 2 pizza


  1. slice the radish and beets
  2. shred the beets green
  3. on the pita bread, spread your favorite tomato sauce and cheese
  4. Place the radish, beets and greens on top of the cheese
  5. bake it at 350 F for 15 minutes

IMG_6784What I love about this is recipe is when you bake the beets, the purple pigment in the beet will come out! Your cheese or the surrounding area will be this beautiful blend purple color. Alittle too beautiful to eat 😉

Watermelon radish is a tender crisp, firm vegetable with mild taste when you eat it raw. But when you bake it, its more tender and less mild. Just the perfect amount of radish taste.

Check out our vegan version of this pizza!

what is your favorite pizza topping? Share with us!



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