Pesto chicken sub


Hip chick Farms chicken meatball are made from highest quality of chicken leg and thigh, combined with farm fresh Italian parsley, onions, heavy cream and breadcrumbs! No artificial or funny ingredients, just like homemade! Fresh and wholesome. The chickens that Hip Chick Farms uses are sustainable and locally sourced. The chickens are raised humanly in a case free open air condition. No antibiotics or hormones was given at any time.  These meatballs are tender yet dense with great flavor to the chicken. What I love about these meatballs is, it taste just like homemade and fast to cook. Only need 15 minutes!  You can see and taste what is in the meatball. Not your mysterious recipe of what is in this?

Chicken meat balls are typically lower in calories and fat content per serving compare to beef meat balls. Chicken meat are leaner than beef sothey are tend to be more dry. Hip Chick Farms chicken meatball may come off dry when you take it out of the oven, but once you bite into it, it is tender. It is great for busy, on the go people, yet, want to eat healthy!

Today, I made myself pesto chicken meatball sub.


Sub roll

Hip chick farm’s chicken meatball



  1. Bake the chicken meatball in the oven
  2. warm the bread in the oven
  3. Once the bread is warm, spread pesto on it and then add the chicken meatball

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