Eat fresh, reduce waste, help spread the word today

 Do you find yourself throwing out food from your fridge because they have gone bad? I know I do. We all have those moments of forgetting the foods thats in the back of our fridge and felt bad about it. Sometimes it can get pretty graphic… Ops… With buying organic foods, they go rotten way faster than non-organic food items because they dont have the coating and preservative that non-organic food item have to preserve them. I dont know about you, but I try to eat my as fast as I can before it goes bad. Organic foods cost is higher than non-organic food so I want to get my money worthy by eating it while its fresh. Life happens so throwing away here and there happens to all of us. It always make me feel so wasteful for having to throw them away when there are people starving out there. What do you do to preserve your food?

Recently I came across a company called Fresh Paper. Fresh paper is a natural piece of paper that you can put with your grocery and will keep food fresh 2-4x longer. This piece of paper are infused with organic spices that will keep fruits and vegetable fresh.  Doesnt this sound amazing and economical?  This paper is also recyclable and biodegradable.

Fresh paper is trying to spread its name on super bowl ad to empower people to eat fresh and reduce waste starting at home. Help Fresh Paper to promo this idea by voting here.


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