Brazilian coconut water 

I love drinking coconut water! It has great nutritional benefits and is very hydrating. It is great for after working out, during workout or just on a hot summer day 🙂

As many of Bikram yogi and yogini out there would certainly know, we all look forward to that ice cold coconut water after class. But coconut water isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it can be chunky and have a funny after taste to it. Its just not the same as coming out of a fresh young coconut.

After trying this Brazilian coconut water at All Natural Product Expo East – I fell in love with it! No chunks and no funny after taste. Very clean and has a fresh finish. If you are interested in giving coconut water a second chance, I recommend trying Brazilian coconut water!

Brazilian coconut water is grown, picked and hand cut by artisans. You do get the finest quality in this bottle 🙂 This Brazilian coconut water is raw and all natural!!! And of course, I can’t stop saying the word Brazilian because it made me feel like I’m drinking something very exotic 🙂

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