Amman, Jordan

Thanks to my boyfriend, I got to visit Jordan!

Jordan is a very traditional and conservative Country. If you are ever plan on visiting Jordan, as for girls, I highly recommend that you brings alot of jeans and lose t-shirt. Jordan is dominated by Muslims and very small population is Christian. Because majority of the population is Muslims, I don’t recommend women tourist wear shorts or short skirts as it will draw attention to yourself. You may get weird looks and stares by the Muslims.

There are few fun places I recommend visiting:


11057234_10204779138223025_3534443144014769011_nThis is a complete and well preserved city of the Roman Empire. It is often called the Pompeii of the East. You will get to see the original temples, theater, plazas, paths and streets… remaining of the city wall.

Its very well worthy of taking the tour inside and see it! Do be careful of the local kids trying to sell you post cards.

Souk Jara

Local flea market. You will find variety of handcrafts, jewelry and traditional clothing’s. Its a good place to get some local gifts for family and friends. Remember to bargain!

The area is beautiful. Check out some of the near by bar and cafe, from their top floor, you can get a great city view!


11350862_10204863073241348_8469852507355312588_nMust go attraction!

It is absolutely beautiful, stunning and amazing there!

Make sure you at least take a camel and a donkey ride 😉 I personally recommend taking the camel at the middle and then the donkey to the top and walk to the “end of the World”. If you are interested, you can have tea with the locals at the top of Petra. When you are ready, walk down to the gate. It will take about ~2-3 hrs to walk all t11986352_10204863076481429_5137200596949951103_nhe way down.  if you get tired, you can take the horse back to the gate.

If you do take a camel or donkey, be sure to bargain!

Tips: wear comfortable shoes, long pants is highly recommended because its very dusty and a lot of 11223972_10204863073961366_373182159496888272_ninsect. Flash light, in case you don’t make it back before dark. Make sure you stay hydrated as it does get hot. Water is available to purchase throughout the hike.

Dead Sea11951098_10204841998274487_691728513345820232_n

The locals will tell you that if you ever go to the Dead Sea, you must go to a hotel one as it is more private and cleaner. Due to my timeline, we decided to give the public area a try. If you as the locals about the private area, they will tell you its dirty, you will find most Muslim there… Lucky for me, the day I went, there weren’t many people and there were other tourist there too. The beach was pretty clean and not crowded at all. Not a lot of Muslim around so I was able to wear my bikini.

Going into the Dead Sea is a once in a life time experience. You will float and never sink. You can’t swim in the sea due to heavy salt. Its fun to float around and let the wave push you 🙂

tips: use sunscreen! Mud is available for purchase. Be sure not to open you eyes if you wanna dive in for whatever reason. The sea is extremely salty it will burn your eyes if it gets into your eyes!

Wadi Rum:

If you go to Petra, Wadi Rum is not far away. Take an extra day and go to Wadi Rum! I highly recommend that you stay over night at Wadi rum after Petra as its a interesting experience to stay in the middle of the desert. You do have the option of sleeping in a tent or in a concrete room. If you aren’t insect friendly, I recommend the concrete room.

The next day, I recommend that you either do ATV or truck tour the desert. You will see a lot of amazing scenery that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It was truly an amazing experience

tips: Sunscreen, go pro

Night life:

There is not much night life options since muslims are very conservative. You will find some top roof bars that require you to have reservation. Most cafe and restaurant do not serve alcohol. You will have to go to specific bars to get alcoholic drinks.

Other than that, local people usually go to a cafe and smoke hookah. One of my favorite place is called book@cafe. The first floor is a book store, the second floor is a cafe. The food at this place is quit good. You can smoke hookah and have a beer at the same time.

11145059_10204779147383254_7973627376657020774_nThe local food is very different. If you are sensitive to herbs and spices, you may not like the food. But no need to worry! there are plenty of Italian restaurants around! The locals eat a lot of pita bread, hummus, pickles, kebab. The meat that you eat are Halal and it taste different from what you are use to. Jordanians also eat a lot of lamb, if you love lamb meat, this is the Country for it !


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