Eat Healthy and reduce carbon footprint: shop local and eat organics

One of the reason why I eat organic is because I want to live a healthy life style. Food nourishes your body and its important to fuel your body with food that does not contain toxic chemicals.

Eat organic and shop local is not only good for your body and the community, it helps the World by reducing carbon footprint!

Why shop local?

Do you drive to your local shop? why not walk?! Some of us is close enough to our local grocery store by walking or biking. It is not only good for us health to exercise, its good for the planet. Shop for food that comes from green house or other side of the world, it will have high energy and transportationΒ footprint.

Why eat organic?

Organic farming method for both plants and animals have much lower impact on the environment than conventional method. Organic certified farmers must use natural method for pesticide, fertilization and weed prevention. Organic meat have standard of no usage of antibiotic and growth hormones. There are also other standards guideline in place which prevent animal cruelty. Genetically modified and irradiated food can not label organic due to they do not followΒ these requirement. There is no scientific prove that these genetic modified foods is safe for us to consume. Since there aren’t any scientific prove that genetic modified food isn’t good for us, its better be safe than sorry.

Another reason to go organic is the plants are grown in fertile soil that are full of nutrients, which will end up in you. Live stock are able to roam on the fields and eat their natural diet rather than forced fed products. This will leads to happy animals πŸ™‚ Less fat which will keep you healthier!

Shop local. Eat organic. Happy planet.


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