On a rainy day, all you want is a cup of hot soup! Ever tried borscht? It hits the right spot and loaded with vegetable!

Beef is optional but will flavor the soup!

Step 1: boil the beef with some ginger for a minute and then dump the water out.

Step 2: put 2 can of crushed tomato and some water with the beef to boil ( use low heat)  

Step 4: add some onion into the soup to boil with the beef

Step 5: stir fry some onion with cabbage

Step 6: add onion and cabbage into the soup. Boil for about 30-45 mins

Step 7: cut the potato into small cubs and stir fry it until it’s yellow but not golden. This is to make sure the potato will stay in shape in soup or else it will dissolve in the soup and thicken it. If you want your soup to be on the thick side, you can put tomato with the cabbage.

Step 8: add potatos into the soup and boil for 10-20 min until desire.



Green cabbage

Sweet onion


2 can of crushed tomato



(Celery and carrots are optional)


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