Beautiful scenic 17 mile drive 

If you are ever in Northern California, you must check out 17 mile drive! It is the most beautiful scenic route i have ever driven on.

17 mile drive is a scenic road through pebble beach and pacific grove on the Monterey peninsula.  There is a toll and it is $10 per car for nonresident and it is totally worthy every penny of it!

As you drive through the 17 mile drive, you will see some famous golf courses, mansions and scenic attraction including bird rock, lone cypress.

There are restaurant, store, and hotels available within the 17 miles community if you are interested in staying for a night.

Tips: bring water, snacks, sun screen, a light jacket and of course, your camera!

During this drive, you will pass few beautiful bridges

Give yourself at least 3 hours to drive through!

I promise, you will love the drive!

The way i entered was through pebble beach and existed at Carmel!   

To be continued, Carmel!


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