Aquarium of the Pacific

If you have read my blog, you may have learned that i have a degree in animal science. I love animals.


Recently i took a trip to Long beach aquarium (Aquarium of the pacific) with a marine biologist friend. Even though we both don’t know how we feel about aquarium, we decided to give this place a try. I love learning about marine life from

her because i find studying any type of animal to be very interesting. Luckily , this was my opportunity to learn about marine life from a knowledgable marine biologist.

sand dollar

To me aquarium is still as sad as the zoo. Seeing animal being put in exhibit thats aren’t meant to be their size and seeing them swim back and forth or in circle is kind of sad, don’t you think? At the aquarium my friend pointed out that some sting ray’s tail are curled. The reason for their tail to curl is cause by circling around the tank and not enough stimulation. This happens to other type of marine animals too, not just sting ray. next time you go to an an aquarium, pay attention to the fish tails.

Moon Jelly
tube anemone

Aquarium of the Pacific is contains few exhibition. One of my favorite was the Wonders of the Deep. The exhibition is very dark so you get to see animals that lights up organ or glow. It was very cool to see it. At this exhibit, you get to touch the Moon Jelly. Did you know sea jellies are 90% water ad have no brain, eyes, heart or bones?!

no head, eyes or brain egg yolk jelly

Southern california / Baja gallery was awesome too. You get to pet some sting rays and see penguins! Yes, penguins in California! Did you know more than 75% of world’s species of penguin are listed as endangered or threaten?

Olive Ridley sea turtle! woohooo i’m flying

Seahorses and sea dragons are the coolest animal at the aquarium! Did you know that the male of these species incubate the eggs and hatch the young? No offense to male readers but thats sound so nice!

At the aquarium, make sure to check out their Lorikeet forest! Around this exhibit you will see Guam Kingfisher. A vanishing species and part of species survival plan.

Another cool interactive part of the aquarium is the shark lagoon. At this exhibit you get to touch a bonnet head shark or cownose ray and see sand finger or blacktop reef shark. At this exhibit i learned that most shark do not need to swim to breathe and is able to spend time on the bottom resting. Hammerheads like bonnet heads must be swim to able to breathe. Interesting right?

If you wish to help the marine life but unsure how, here is what you can do. Safe power, conserve water, and reuse and recycle!

There is so much to learn at the aquarium! After exploring the aquarium, i highly recommend exploring the area. There are great food and great view around the aquarium. Other possible activities are whale and dolphin watching.



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