Stay cool in the hot sunny SoCal

Front: Green tea shaved ice with red bean topping and lychee Back: Black sesame with shredded coconut and honey tapioca

I don’t know about you but it’s been hot and sunny in Los Angeles and past a week. We are talking about 90s, feels like summer is here ☀️☀️☀️sun kiss skin weather feel so incredible.

To stay cool I crave snow cream. Smooth, light and tasty! Snow cream is combination of shaved ice with creamy goodness of ice cream. Soy based snow cream are available.

My all time favorite is green tea shaved ice top with red bean. Plain and simple. Mmm… I know the red bean part may sound weird but I promise it’s good! It gives it texture and sweetness to it but not overly sweet.

Typical snow cream place will put condense milk on top of it to keep it sweet and tasty. Keep in mind condensed milk contains high level of sugar content. Treat yourself wisely 😉


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