Lets go somewhere

When you have free time in your life, take a road trip. Whether its to somewhere that is an hour away or few hours away, go somewhere some new and explore.

Yesterday i went on a little road trip with a friend and her dog. It feels great to not have plans, no destination, no place needs to be. Just us girls and mans best friend to explore unknown territory and being spontaneous.

11073117_10203816621160700_2080592172837771840_nOur first stop was the Moonstone beach. The beach is located on the Cambria coastline. This beach is so gorgeous and not crowded at all. People who have been to moonstone beach before will tell you on the right day you will see shiny moonstones on the beach that will shine different color. Unfortunately we did not go on the right day to see that. Locals told us that tourist have been taking moonstones off of the beach so you don’t see1656354_10203816678642137_3706060063398961125_n the shine on the beach anymore. If you are ever around this area, I highly recommend that you take an hour to stop by and check out the beach. Not too far from the beach, you can check out Hearst Castle. We were unable to go on to the tour this time but seem like a great castle to tour if you are interested into castle. You will need reservation to go on the castle tour. For more information you can check out their website http://hearstcastle.org

Our next stop was Elephant seal Vista point which is not too far from Moonstone beach. 10418901_10203816691962470_1817846628794267783_nyou will see a ton of elephant seal at this location lounging around. You will spot new borns to 5+ years old seal at this location.

You get to see them from within reasonable distance and you will hear all the noises that they make. On a hot sunny day you will see that they are layering sand on themselves to stay cool. Few will be playing in the shallow water. Its a pretty cool location to get closer to nature! 11013450_10203816681402206_8789300476408492286_n

Highly recommend that you bring your nice camera for some great shot of them in action.

10306089_10203816689082398_3190620266584074293_nOur next stop was a spontaneous hike at Los Padres National forest. We like hiking in the shades so we were able to find a spot that had shaded hiking trails. Since i’m from the east coast, i like hiking in the woods. I find it funny to hike in the dessert in Los 10941427_10203816688042372_1512875210896774919_nAngeles where there is nothing but cactus and dirt and hottt! I much rather hike in th  e woods and check out different vegetation and stay cool.

On Route 1 there are few hiking trails that you can take. It is up to you what kind of hike you would like to do. There are trails that are as short as half of a mile to as long as three miles.

10461660_10203816680442182_7550307350508823414_nOur last spot was a Bay area of Los Padres National forest. You may find few campers at this area or if you are thinking of a location to go camp, i highly recommend this location.10917265_10203816679882168_3821777805487161741_n-1

This is a very peaceful, calm and private location that you can just listen to the ocean and be part of the nature!10270828_10203816681042197_3299026250564991615_n

This trip really gave me a different prospective of what California has got to offer and it reminded me how much i enjoy having a dog in my life. I guess it is time for me to think about getting that dog i always want to have in my life.



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