Non browning apple?

As of February 2015, the USDA and APHIS is announcing its decision to deregulate Arctic apple, the first genetically modified apple produced by a canadian corporation. Arctic Granny Smith and Arctic Golden delicious will be labeled as Arctic and will not be labeled as genetical engineered Okanagan Specialty Fruit.

As many of us may know, apple turns brown due to fruit’s phenolic compound reacts with oxygen. This oxidation process is driven by polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme. When an apple’s cell are ruptured (bruising, biting, cutting), the brown coloration begins. Different type of apple will turn brown at different speed. Some apple will brown faster than other, this is determined by several different factors. Arctic apples are genetically engineered to produce little or no polyphenol oxidase so the cell disruption does not lead the apple to turn brown. Essentially the apple may look fresh when they are actually decaying.

This topic has now brought attention to farmers, grocery stores and us as consumers. Major food companies and apple growers are already rejecting “arctic” apple. The next time you purchase your apple, pay attention to the label as to what you are really eating.

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