The meaning of organic and Non GMO


On the shelf of todays grocery store you see so many products that contains variety of  seals on the packaging that it is confusing to us as consumers. Some product contains more than one seal and some don’t even have any seals. Decisions, decisions, which one do i choose? Todays most two popular seals that influence us as to which one to buy are the organic certified and Non GMO verified seals. But what does these logo really means? Do you know the difference between organic verses non-GMO verified seal?

Did you know that United State Government does NOT allow companies to label products organic/ organic certified if they contain any genetically modified ingredient?

Buying 100% organic, organic certified, or USDA organic labeled product is a way to identify product that avoids using modified ingredients. According to USDA, “organic” is define as foods are produced without any antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering. So why does the non-GMO project exist? There is only one logo, easy to identify and it only means one thing: non GMOs.

According to USDA, depends on the number of organic ingredients that is in the product, the following USDA organic seal or the following wording on their packing are seen:

100% organic: products are completely organic or made of all

Organic: products that are at least 95% organic

Made with organic ingredients: products contain at least 70% organic ingredients. The organic seal cannot be used on these packages.

Non-GMP project verified seal means that products that bear the seal has gone through verification process so it is an assurance that the product has been produced according to a consensus based best practice for GMO avoidance. However, please keep in mind that non-GMO project identifier does not attempt to address issues associate with industrial farming, chemical fertilizers and pesticide or the vertically integrated control of processing and marketing.

Now just like me, you know what organic and Non GMO verification seals really means so the next time you shop, don’t let these seals confuse you.



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